FlowPoint TV Season 2, Episode 1: The Sundance Skier

Common Threads and Shreds You meet cool people.  At Starbucks.  At the grocery store.  At a party.  I’ve had the opportunity to water ski at a high level, all over the world, for the past couple decades.  It has been one of the raddest and most enriching parts of my life.  Probably one of the greatest highlights though, has been the friends I’ve found along the way. Last summer I had the opportunity to do some water skiing with one of those friends. Steven Nyman snow skis for a living.  But he’s also a water skier, and he’s been doing it since he was a kid.  We decided to meet up a couple times throughout the summer, to do just that: ski. After a July 4th session on Tahoe, and a early Halloween camp here in Chico, I decided to put together a FlowPoint TV Episode on Steven.  Why he skis, how it helps him on the hill, and maybe even see if he had any thoughts on the best way to carry a water ski.  But as winter hit, and the first few FIS World Cup races went down, I realized this story was going to be a whole lot more than sunsets and summertime. After a challenging racing career, including some great World Cup wins and many injuries, Steven came alive this season, and what a time to do it.  Not only is it a World Championship year (every 2 years), but its the first time they’ve been back in the United States, since 1999.  And it might just be Steven’s favorite hill. The Birds of Prey is the only World Cup stop in the US for the men.  Steven has 3 career podium finishes at Birds of Prey, including a 3rd just 2 months ago. This is a story about Steven.  



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