Marcus Brown: The Lake Skier.

Marcus Brown is one of the world's most widely recognized icons in water skiing. His resume includes Titles as a University World Champion, an Australian Moomba Masters Champion and a U.S. Open Champion. He is a spokesperson for water sports and is currently the ambassador to the United States Olympic Committee for the sport of water skiing. But that is not why he skis anymore.  His life has become water sports.  But it wasn't by accident.  The outdoor life is MB's passion, and it has given him so much.  It has led him to be an innovator, a visionary and a challenger of the "norm".  Sharing that lifestyle and passion with the world is what Marcus lives for.  That's why he created the Face To Face Tour.  That's why he continues to push the limits...and that is why he is not afraid to speak up and trailblaze if it means more people shredding water and living the outdoor life. If he could have it his way, everyone would be spending all summer shredding pretty much every sheet of glass between San Francisco and New York. Oh, and in their spare time they'd be pushing their limits doing anything else outside, rad and risky. He's still working on getting his way…. Questions or Comments for MB?  Reach out and drop him an email: