Marcus Brown HO Team SyndicateSince joining HO Sports’ much-heralded Team Syndicate in 2009, Marcus Brown’s approach to water skiing has shared many similarities to what HO Sports has strived to bring to the sport itself. The launch of Syndicate A1/S1 brought fresh thinking and a brand new mission statement to the water skiing world: namely, that the only way to survive is by thinking outside the box. Marcus, meanwhile, has lived to change the way people think about moving on water. Six years ago, he brought water skiing to Boardstock, a wakeboarding event. Three years ago, with the help of MasterCraft and Syndicate, he paved the open road with his Face-to-Face Tour, the world’s first organized traveling professional water ski tour. Marcus Browns’ visionary thinking is the perfect match for what has defined HO Sports for decades. And with his recent integral role in designing the A2 and his continued collaboration, his partnership with HO Sports and Team Syndicate is destined to become even more groundbreaking. Stay tuned to see what happens next with this dynamic partnership. Marcus Brown MastercraftTo Marcus Brown, MasterCraft is so much more than just a company—it’s also an extended family. Throughout his career, Marcus has worked together with a variety of passionate people at MasterCraft to craft, hone, and extend the “centerpiece” of Marcus’ lake lifestyle as a professional water skier. As a result, Marcus has become the face of MasterCraft, and his personal connections with the people behind the brand enable him to represent the passion and dedication of what he sees at the company headquarters—and instill it every time he’s out on the water. At the core of MasterCraft Boats is a desire. A vision. A drive to take risks, be bold, and go where no other boat has gone before. And with the dedicated MasterCraft team behind him, Marcus has been able to make a career out of doing the very same.  


O'Neill became the surf, snow and lifestyle brand it is today only because of the passion one man, Jack O'Neill, had for the waterlife...specifically surfing.  MB's mantra must be very similar to that of Jack's back in 1952:  Water is the place they go to be feel find their moment.  Its no surprise that O'Neill has been covering MB with the best threads and rubber, both on land and in the water for the past 10 years.     Terry Winter is one of the worlds top skiers.  As a Junior Master Champion, a Water Ski Mag Shootout Champion and a father, T Whisper has experienced a lot.  With TW Graphic Arts, he takes those experiences and blends them with great ideas (along with a dash of talent) to develop creative & timeless graphics.  If you have an idea....TW can make it a reality.  FYI, Terry designed MB's logo.  Dude's got a future!


Kelly Starret is smart, funny, and just an all around badass.  Unfortunately, MB doesn't embody any of those traits....but he does listen to KStar, and for good reason.  Kelly is leading the charge for a mobility healthy world, one convert at a time.  His clients have included Olympic Gold Medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world-class extreme skiers and X-Games medalists.  If you want to be the best at what you do, you should head over to KStars daily video blog ASAP.  OR, if you could care less how good you are at anything you do then that means your a couch potato and you  really need to check his website out.  INSTRUCTIONS: 1) log on.  2) find the "search" box  3) type something into the search box, something that hurts or is injured.  4) prepare to have your life changed    

Everyday Paleo

    Not only is Dr. John Fragoso one of the best at what he does, but he's also an elite level athlete.  He understands the demands on an athlete's body, first hand, and can zero in on the specific needs and deficiencies present.  He is a certified provider of Active Release Techniques (ART), which is a patented, state of the art soft tissue treatment for chronic pain, ailments and injuries.

Fragoso Chiropractic

If you think you're body is in the best athletic shape possible, and you just don't need anyone rubbing lotion on your Psoas or telling you how rolling on Lacrosse balls will save your life....think again.  Remember some grade school teacher bitching you out for not eating all your broccoli, and telling you "you are what you eat"?   Well, they were right.  And lucky for you Dr. Fragoso's wife, Sarah, has the "how to eat for dummies" book that might actually make your life better.   Its called "Everyday Paleo", and she's even got a website. How's that for a Power Couple.   Unbelievably sick aerial footage and the word "kids" doesn't usually go together in the same sentence...but in this case it works perfectly.  With a professional resume that already includes gigs with Discovery Channel HD, BMW, Jaguar, Yokohama, Nissan, Fiat, Casio, Kona bikes and MasterCraft Boats, these kids are well into their groove after less than 2 years in operation.  Get on over to CopterKidsLLC and check their work.  Whether your Napolean Dynamite trying to gap a sidewalk, or Martha Stewart trying to show off your garden....these boys can take what you do and make it look far better than it really does.  I promise.