Irish Mind Yoga


Exactly 1551 years ago, a British born bishop, who triumphed over persecution to bring Christianity to Ireland, died. Today we call it St. Patrick's Day.....or St. Pattys for short, cuz we're lazy...or drunk...or both. Even though it's a Saturday, I get the feeling a lot of people out there may have a very busy day ahead of them. A day that may include lots of green, lots of beer, and lots of really drunk people putting on an Irish front so that they can partake in way too much adult beveraging (nevermind that it'll be far less than what their Irish Heros can consume) with hopes that they will get away with all kinds of inappropriate comments and behavior... I say Let the Games Begin! Because even though I won't be on that bandwagon today, I'm not afraid to use the bandwagon for my own little selfish 4-leaf clover wishes... because things here at are going to step up a notch but I need your help to get there. Here is your homework: 1. Get on the bandwagon, ASAP 2. Get your Buzz on, but not too much too soon, to where you get distracted by the loud noises, stupid one-liners and pretty scenery.... because we're not done yet... you'll get to that in a second. 3. Just when those creative juices start flowing and you feel like a damn 8lb 6oz. newborn baby leprechaun dropped straight into a fresh pot of gold at the bottom of a double rainbow wearing nothing but your shiny new black boots and a gold plated belt buckle... I want you to figure out all the things you'd like to read about on Then I want you to write that down. 4. Tomorrow when you wake up and your life has come to an end because the pounding in your 8lb 6oz. head will never stop, I want you to leave a comment on this post with all the great ideas your little Lucky Irish mind came up with. Due Date: Monday, March 19th at noon EST Dismissed. MB P.S. Sorry for the demanding tone. Don't take it personal, just hurry up and get to work and you'll forget all about it...however, if your homework looks anything like this, you're fired.




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