Still Here…

Its been a while.  Theres a lot going on.  But to keep from boring you, I have only 2 things: 1.  Exactly 4 years ago today, Jenny, P.J.McMillian and myself were on the road as part of our Face To Face Tour, in Michigan for a Pro Event.  I had just come off the best season of my life in 2007.  2008 was turning out even better, for different reasons.  We were touring the country, I was spending time with people I loved & enjoyed being around, and we were helping new people and changing lives.  We were riding a high that summer.  But life usually finds ways to bring you back down to reality....and this particular story is no different. We had just done a clinic, and we posted up in a parking lot of a tavern,...some pre-event get together for all the skiers and fans.  As I stepped out of the motorhome, I got a was my dad.  My dad who coached Football and Wrestling for a combined 75+ years....a rough, tough dude.  I had never heard him cry before....but I was hearing it now.  Or maybe it was just panic.  Either way, the noise coming through my phone was noise I'd never heard coming from my father. My cousin, Alex, an exceptional individual, father and son, had died.  Heart attack.  34 yrs old He was playing soccer...passed out on the field, and that was it.  4 years ago today. At 33, it makes me stop and think every time I remember him.  Think about how lucky we all are ("we" as in anyone who is actually reading this) to be alive.  To be here, now, in this moment.  With opportunities and choices to make....infinite possibilities, if you really think about it. So today I'm dedicating this post to Alex.  Someone I wished I coulda had more time with.  Someone who is still influencing me long after he left.  And someone I am reminded of often, when I'm with the folks I love, on all the lucky adventures I have the fortune of experiencing. Alex Brown, 1974-2008                       2.  Just a few photos of the past couple months....a dedication to all the folks in my life who have come and gone and left their mark...and continue to leave their mark. Yellowstone, Montana Travers Ski School, Florida Bridger Mtn, Montana Bidwell Park, Chico, Cali CrossFit NorCal Regionals, San Jose Road Trip! I80- Nevada Eclipse, 2012 Lake Life, Trinity Lake, CA Somewhere in San Diego Bidwell Park, Chico The Ridge, Chico, CA Only in Colorado... Another day at The Ridge NorCal Regionals - LaBeast Old School.... I love Bidwell More Old School... SuperMoon! Some old friends    



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