Sunday Afternoon Post: After dark, round 1

This past season I finally purchased a "good" camera. I've always been fascinated with night time shots and how amazingly efficient a camera lens can be at capturing light. So, one evening early this spring, I decided to tinker with all the settings that an amateur should never tinker with on a camera. I Failed. But, a few days later, something happened...and the pictures started looking like more than just a blackboard. I'm still an amateur, but its already been damn near a fortnight since my last this is the best I could  whip up on a lazy Sunday. Don't hate. Just a few selects to make you think....afterall, what would this world be without light?

Cedar night sky in the High Sierras, June


Boogie Van under the Sierra Milky Way, July 4th

Campfire coals on Grouse Ridge, Sierra Nevadas, August


Sunrise Landing at night, August

Desert Sky at Lake Powell, September

Eastbound and Down, Loaded up and truckin' to Tennessee (Wyoming High Plains), November

Tree of Life, Somewhere in Utah, December


Sierra Buttes, Downieville, October

Moonrise over Solar Panels at The Ridge



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