Well, its getting to be that time of year. Air is warming up (at least in California), the trees are waking up, and its just about time to get back on the water. So, in the spirit of starting this season with the right equipment, here is a quick reminder… Read More

March 11, 2015 | No Comments

Common Threads and Shreds You meet cool people.  At Starbucks.  At the grocery store.  At a party.  I’ve had the opportunity to water ski at a high level, all over the world, for the past couple decades.  It has been one of the raddest and most enriching parts of my… Read More

February 2, 2015 | No Comments

Got some love from Waterski Mag a little while back. Thankful to still be able to give back to the sport and community I love! Waterski Mag: In the Spotlight with Marcus Brown We called up legendary West Coast-style water skier Marcus Brown a few days ago to talk to… Read More

January 13, 2015 | No Comments

2 Pictures of Nate at 41 off. the first is him cutting 2 to 3. He is basically at centerline, but you see how much his COM is still leading his feet. Also, notice how little lean he has for what you’d expect you’d need to run 41 off.2nd pic is… Read More

August 20, 2014 | 5 Comments